Devendra Banhart — Flying Wig

Devendra Banhart — Flying Wig (2023)
Dream Pop / Indie Folk / Psychedelic / Lo-Fi (USA)
Label: Mexican Summer

The new album by the hero of the American folk scene Devendra Banhart. All the same favorite melancholy under the guitar.

Flying Wig is an album of paradoxes and musical discovery. In a studio surrounded by mahogany and pine trees, where Banhart «listened to The Grateful Dead all the time,» something nimble, modernist, adjacent to urban pop and reminiscent of Eno was born.

Banhart’s eleventh LP is graced by the vocals of acclaimed solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and Mexican Summer bandmate Cate Le Bon — a convergence foretold by the mirror titles of their earlier solo albums (Banhart’s 2002’s Oh Me Oh My and Le Bon’s 2009’s Me Oh My).

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