What is known about Marina Abramovic’s upcoming performance in London

This fall, an exhibition of Marina Abramovic is planned to be held in London. The event will showcase a collection of the most important moments in the artist’s career and will consist of two parts.

The exhibition will be held in the halls of the Royal Academy of Arts. The cultural event will last from September 23 to January 1, 2024. Performances will take place from October 4 to 8 this year.

It is known that the event was postponed twice due to the pandemic. The exhibition will include archival photos and video footage, sculptures and installations of Marina Abramovic’s most famous performances. The Artist is Present will feature unique images taken during the original cultural show. In total, the exhibition will feature more than 50 works by the Serbian artist.

Marina Abramović’s experience in real-time performances will be replicated by students of her institute. The young artists will recreate the most popular shows, including Nude with Skeleton, Imponderabilia and The House with the Ocean View. The performances will take place in most of the halls, dressing rooms, technical rooms and foyers, including the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Purcell Room. Guests of the exhibition will be able not only to become observers but also to take an active part in the show.

Also in London, the English National Opera will host the British premiere of Marina Abramovic’s opera project The 7 Deaths of Maria Callas. The film is based on stories from the tragic life of the Greek singer, and the opera itself contains seven arias related to Callas. In one of her interviews, Abramovich recalled that she first heard Maria’s voice at the age of 14, and when she began to learn the details of her biography, she noticed the similarities.

«If you look at the life of Maria Callas, her story is in many ways similar to mine. It’s about death from a broken heart, about being killed by someone you love. Callas did not want to live anymore when the greatest love of her life died. And I felt the same way. When my ex-husband died, I also wanted to die. I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t want to sleep, I didn’t want anything. It was the end of me. But I went back to work and made my art what it is now,» the artist said.

The world premiere of the opera project 7 Deaths of Maria Callas took place in Munich in 2020. The show was also shown in Berlin, Athens, and Paris. Residents and guests of London will be able to attend the opera in November this year.

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