Unknown £2m John Constable painting found in ancient Scottish castle

The canvas was discovered by married couple Simon and Aditi Crowfurd. The couple hope to invest the money received from the sale of the painting in the maintenance of the XVI century castle.

Crawford’s ancestors have lived on Scottish soil since the 13th century. Now Simon and his wife live in the castle. On the maintenance of the ancient estate spends 100 thousand pounds a year, reports MailOnline.

The couple really wanted to inherit the castle to their children, but because of such an impressive investment, they were thinking of selling the castle. However, the found painting of the largest British landscape painter of the XIX century John Constable can solve this problem.

According to preliminary estimates, the canvas could be worth 1-2 million pounds sterling. Although 10 years ago the auction house recognized it as a fake. To another conclusion came experts from the show «Treasures of millionaires», which is shown on the British TV channel Chanel 4.

Antiques expert Ronnie Archer Morgan spotted the painting, and an initial assessment made it clear that the canvas was «convincing in terms of ground, primary colors and handling.» The painting is now being forensically examined and studied by an expert on Constable’s work. «The funny thing is, I’ve seen this painting I don’t know how many times and never paid any attention to it,» Crawford stated.

Constable’s found painting depicts a tree and a bridge over a river. The canvas bears the artist’s signature and the title of the work is «Old Bridge over the Avon». Experts believe the landscape was painted in the 1820s.

The spouses plan to invest the money received from the sale of the painting in the castle. In this estate they, among other things, hold outdoor events and accommodate visitors.

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