Rolls-Royce Black Badge Cullinan “Blue Shadow”: To the Edge of Space

British luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce recently unveiled the Black Badge Cullinan «Blue Shadow» private collection, which the brand says explores «the beauty and mystery of the cosmos» from the comfort of the car’s interior. In creating this mesmerizing vehicle, the Rolls-Royce design team took inspiration from the Kámán Line. For those unfamiliar with the Kámán Line, it is an invisible boundary that defines the edge of space and is 62 miles above the Earth’s surface. It just so happens that only 62 pieces of the Blue Shadow were produced, and they are available exclusively through the brand’s personal accounts.


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The Karman Line is the etheric region where the blueness of the Earth slowly fades and blends with the blackness of space. This creates an intense dark blue zone where darkness is visible, and it is more than a place to marvel, it is a mysterious world meant for adventurous people who appreciate its serenity and unique atmosphere.

The special Cullinan features a matte grille surround and an aerodynamic bumper insert reminiscent of the thermal tiles used to protect space shuttles during re-entry.

The same materials used to build spaceships were used to create the legendary Spirit of Ecstasy . The 3D printing technique used titanium, which was coated with a layer of blue tinted lacquer. This added a pearlescent sheen, revealing the grainy texture of the titanium. The base of the Spirit of Ecstasy is adorned with the Black Badge logo and the name of the Blue Shadow private collection, both engraved and filled in by Charles Blue. In addition, the Blue Shadow wheels have been given a subtle blackout effect using translucent lacquer to complete the perfect look.

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