The Rolling Stones recorded the song with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder

It’s a track from the band’s new album, Hackney Diamonds, which comes out October 20.

Sweet Sounds of Heaven is a classic rock ‘n’ roll song that has a slow bluesy atmosphere thanks to the piano part played by Stevie Wonder. The pop singer Lady Gaga, in turn, recorded the piercing and emotional backing vocals for the composition.

Vander told Rolling Stone magazine about his gospel-inspired contribution to the track: «I felt like the song needed a celebration vibe, a celebration of the spirit of the rhythms and the spirit of us all coming together for this event.»

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga appeared on the track because she was recording with the band in the same studio. One day, she was passing by and decided to stop by and say hello. As Ronnie Wood recalled, the singer «just sat on the floor and sang» the lyrics to the song, which was in the process of being recorded, until Mick Jagger asked her to «do it right.»


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Sweet Sounds of Heaven is the second song from Hackney Diamonds, their first studio full-length in 18 years. Earlier, the band presented the track Angry, which featured actress Sydney Sweeney in the video. In addition to Gaga and Stevie, Paul McCartney and Elton John also took part in the recording. The album is scheduled for release on October 20.

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