Green houses — how wealthy families fell in love with tree houses instead of mansions

Tree houses are no longer just a place for children to play. Now it is quite a luxury property for wealthy people, and the demand for it is only growing, writes the Financial Times.

Companies specializing in the design of green homes have sprung up all over the world. They develop an individual project that is ideal for both children and adults. Every year, experts in this field gather at the annual TreeHouse World Conference in Oregon to discuss the present and future of their business. And this business is very promising.
The wishes of customers who turn to such companies are completely different. Sometimes they are even very specific and strange. According to the Financial Times, a client once contacted one of these companies with a clear brief: she wanted to be sure that after the construction of a tree house, fairies from the neighboring forest would definitely want to live in it.
Construction firms do not complain about the lack of clients and assure that nothing is impossible if the client has deep enough pockets and patience. They usually do not refuse clients, even for the most radical requests.
There is also a tendency for tree houses not to be tree houses in the full sense. For example, in order not to damage the trunks with nails, houses are often built side by side, on piles, and the trunks themselves are only wrapped around the stairs. A wide variety of technical solutions and innovations are used in the construction of houses, but the basis is money and the desire to be closer to nature.

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