Burning Man: visitors can’t leave the festival when it’s raining

The Black Rock Desert in the US, home to the famous Burning Man festival, has been experiencing torrential rains for several days. As a result, most of the festival’s events were cancelled, and Burning Man visitors were trapped in a natural disaster: they could not get out of the desert due to the terrible conditions.

There were warnings of possible heavy rains two weeks ago, but the festival was not cancelled. Forecasters warned that two months’ worth of rain fell in the desert in one day. The festival area turned into one big swamp, and a large area was flooded. The tents of the festival participants were also flooded. This was exacerbated by a squally wind.

Those who tried to leave the festival grounds by car were unable to do so: the cars were bogged down in the mud. The only possible way was to walk to one of the roads, but this required walking several kilometers. To prevent casualties, the festival organizers eventually banned people from leaving the festival grounds, asking visitors to save water and food.

There were problems with mobile phone reception at the festival due to bad weather conditions.Over the weekend, the weather improved and the sun came out, according to visitors’ photos. It is expected that the roads will be reopened soon and visitors will be able to leave the festival grounds.
Despite the circumstances, some of the visitors continued to have fun as much as they could under the circumstances. In total, about 73,000 people attended the festival.

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